About Mad Professor Ltd

Here at Mad Professor we are proud to offer inventive team building challenges and original event ideas. With passion and creativity we are dedicated to developing brand new concepts to challenge and inspire people. Our vision is to keep living up to our name by continuously inventing crazy yet genius challenges that are laced with our signature eccentricity!

Crazy Ideas - Genius Results!

Meet the Directors


Chris Robson - The Mad Professor

The man behind the madness! Chris has worked in the team building events industry for over 20 years and has managed literally thousands of events across the world. He is a talented craftsman and artist with a flair for creating the wonderfully imaginative! Most of our team building puzzles and equipment, including The BIG Piano, are designed and hand made by the Mad Professor himself. chris@madprofessorltd.co.uk


Angie Crockford - The Sensible One

Every crazy creative needs an "Angie". With a background in theatre stage management she is obsessively organised and enjoys a label maker and a good spreadsheet. Angie has managed the Mad PrOffice for nearly 10 years where she looks after enquiries, takes care of all event planning and helps to harness Chris's creativity. angie@madprofessorltd.co.uk

The Beginning of Mad Professor

Mad Professor began as a character played by Chris in a themed corporate event. The character suited both his eccentric personality and his ability to invent crazy yet genius concepts for events and the name stuck!

The Crew

- Our brilliant team

The original Mad Professor

- Chris as the Mad Professor character