Team Building Activities

The Mad Professor himself is passionately dedicated to living up to his name by continuously inventing crazy yet genius concepts to challenge and inspire people. Browse our team building events below - if you can't find what you're looking for or would like to discuss your specific needs please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Competitive - Outdoor

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  • The Crystal Maze

    The Crystal Maze

    Teams compete in a range of team building puzzles and challenges before battling it out in the inflatable dome!

  • Going for Gold

    Going for Gold

    A fun and diverse "Super Sports Day" to motivate teams with an energy boost! Teams compete in a range of fun, sport themed challenges from team sports to mental gymnastics, in order to win the most medals.

  • Medieval Mayhem

    Medieval Mayhem

    An action packed medieval themed event. Teams compete in a range of team building activities in order to earn ammunition for their medieval siege engine!

  • Sun and Games

    Sun and Games

    A sun-sational summer team building event to get teams having fun in the sun!

Competitive - Indoor

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  • Team Tournament

    Team Tournament

    A super competitive team tournament of fun team building challenges where teams compete in a quest to be the best!

  • Quantum Challenge 100

    Quantum Challenge 100

    A multitude of fun team building activities where teams attempt to solve as many of the 100 challenges as they can within the time limit. It's fast, furious and fantastic!

  • As Seen on TV

    As Seen on TV

    Teams compete in fun activities based on famous scenes from film and TV. Activies include solving a crime 'CSI' style, making a sculpture entirely from cakes (like on the car advert) and playing a tune on a giant floor piano like Tom Hanks in the film "Big".

Creative & Innovative

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  • Chocolate Factory Challenge

    Chocolate Factory Challenge

    Our chocolate making team building event is a real treat! Similar to the challenge seen on "The Apprentice", teams must invent a brand new box of chocolates!

  • Happy Sundaes

    Happy Sundaes

    A fun team building activity where teams learn the art of ice cream making. Similar to the challenge seen on "The Apprentice", teams invent a brand new ice cream flavour!

  • Cupcake Challenge

    Cupcake Challenge

    Cupcake Challenge is a fun and creative activity featuring the trendiest treat of the moment – cupcakes! Similar to the challenge seen on "The Apprentice", teams must invent a new brand of cakes.

  • Bake That!

    Bake That!

    A corporate cookery activity Inspired by the "Great British Bake Off". Teams get creative by having a go at the nation's favourite activity of the moment - baking!

  • The Great Team Cake Off

    The Great Team Cake Off

    Inspired by the Great British Bake Off, teams get creative with a series of cake decorating challenges.

  • Yes You Canape

    Yes You Canape

    A cookery challenge team building activity. Teams have a go at canapé making and wow us and each other with their team cuisine!

  • Team Apprentice

    Team Apprentice

    A fun and enterprising team building event, based on The Apprentice and Dragon's Den, where teams must demonstrate their business acumen in a bid to impress the boss and get hired!

  • iPad Movie Making

    iPad Movie Making

    A fun and creative film making event where teams direct, film and edit a movie using iPad Air.

  • Blockbuster Animation

    Blockbuster Animation

    A fun and creative film making event where teams direct and film their very own "brick film" animation blockbuster.

  • Sculpture Club

    Sculpture Club

    A model making team building event where teams express themselves through the medium of sculpture!


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  • Big Picture

    Big Picture

    Teams earn paints by completing fun team building challenges. They then paint sections of a picture that will later fit together to make one giant group masterpiece!

  • To Be Continued...

    To Be Continued...

    Teams collaborate to complete a series of challenges. The challenges are on-going, so one team picks up where another left off. Only when all teams have visited the activity can the challenge be completed!

  • Hot Rods

    Hot Rods

    A collaborative activity where where everybody is on the same track - literally! Teams combine their efforts to build and join together Hot Wheels tracks before racing them in a fun, fast finale.

  • Roller Coaster

    Roller Coaster

    A fun, fast team building activity where teams build a roller coaster. Teams then co-ordinate their movements in order to race footballs along the tracks in an exciting and collaborative finale.